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An excess of fat and skin in the thigh area can be a source of concern for men and women. Although liposuction will remove the excess of fat, if there is an excess of skin, a thigh lift would be a better option for you.

Most of the candidates who are consulting us with regards to this surgery are people who have lost a considerable amount of weight and, as a result of poor skin laxity, were left with a sagging look in the thigh area.

This lifting consists of removing the fat and skin at the junction of the thigh and groin which results in tightening and toning the contours of the legs.

The scar is hidden in the groin area or under crease of the buttock depending on the area that is treated. In some cases, the scar could extend to the inner knees area. But because at the Schwarz Plastic Surgery Center our surgeon goals are to make sure the scars are well hidden, a consultation is required to discuss the options available to you.

With this procedure, your thighs will appear smoother and the underlying muscles line will be more visible, your inner thigh will be firmer and more flat. Your thighs will be modeled to be proportionate to your buttock, abs and legs, giving you a more balanced body look.


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