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ProFractional Laser

The ideal treatment for acne scars, melasma, pigmentation irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles. Profractional works very well as an individual procedure or in combination with other treatments:

How does it work?

Profractional creates multiple microscopic holes on the skin causing a miniature wound that will promote skin turn over and collagen deposition as it heals as well as heating the deep layers of the skin for a more tightening effect.

A MicroLaserPeel is often combined with this treatment for better results.

How long is the downtime?

Downtime is usually between 7-10 days but depends how deep the treatment is.

How long will the treatment be?

It normally takes around 45 minutes depending on the condition of the skin and the areas treated. We are able to treat face, neck, chest and hands.

What to expect after the treatment

Patients usually look very red the first three to five days, somewhat like a sunburn. Slowly the top layer of the skin will start to shed, this happens between the fifth and seventh day after the treatment. Skin will exfoliate slowly and gradually as the patient cleanses the skin or during sleep.

Post care instructions will be given to the patient right after the treatment. Usually patients are able to wear moisturizer 24 hours after the treatment and make up after the fourth day. Several treatments are required to get optimal results. A consultation is required to determine the condition of your skin and if this is the appropriate treatment for you.


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