Cosmetic Anti-aging Skin Care Specialist

Gina Gagliano has been a cosmetic anti-aging skin care specialist for over 25 years now. She has always worked with reputable dermatologists and skin care professionals in the aesthetic medical field. After years of gained experiences and extensive knowledge to full body and face skin rejuvenation, skin disorders /problems, Gina earned her degree in the medical laser of aesthetics and continues to practice tremendous medical advancements in laser treatments to her patients and clientele.

The anti-aging specialist has co-owned an Aesthetic Salon for 13 years and brings knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver quality skin care to all her patients. Gina specializes in skin treatments to treat and rejuvenate deep wrinkles, rosacea /vein therapy, sun-damaged skin, acne therapy, laser hair removal and of course personalized skin care advice and recommendations. Her honesty and high degree of professio-nalism are just part of what makes her so popular with patients and has been working with Dr. Gaston Schwarz & Dr. Karl Schwarz and his team now for over 8 years. Gina Gagliano continues her medical education in the medical laser field to keep in touch with the latest technologies in this cosmetic field. She believes in aging gracefully with a little maintenance and brings a professional attention and solution to all her patients.


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