Schwarz Plastic Surgery is located at the Centre de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique de Montreal (CCPEM) which, since 1985, has been home to one of Montreal’s most respected plastic and esthetic surgery practices.

Gaston Schwarz, M.D. and his son, Karl Schwarz, M.D. are both board-certified plastic surgeons who are passionate about facial, breast, and body rejuvenation procedures. Together, they offer both experience and the latest surgical and non-invasive aesthetic techniques. They make a point of guiding their patients through the consultation, surgery, and post-operative period with care and respect. Every patient receives a great deal of individual attention and treatments are tailored to meet their specific needs. Honest assessment and ensuring that patients look better, not different, are the guiding principles behind Schwarz Plastic Surgery. Ultimately, Drs. Gaston and Karl Schwarz pride themselves in listening to their patients and keeping them safe and satisfied.

In addition to surgical procedures, they offer expertise in facial fillers/injectables, BOTOX®, ProFractional™ Sciton laser resurfacing, BBL technology, chemical peels, dermabrasion, and hair removal.